The Team

Monique Stevenson- President

Monique Stevenson has been in the transportation industry since joining the Army in 2006. As a Cargo Specialist (88H) she was licensed in crane operations, CAT vehicles, and moving shipping containers in Kaiserslautern Germany.

After serving, she ventured back to California and started her real estate career. She started at a brokerage for investors and ventured into small investment flips. From there she got into creative financing and raising capital for multi-million dollar real estate portfolios. From commercial real estate representation to consulting/developing multi-sports complex facilities and partnering on Snowland, the first indoor ski-resort in America, Monique has always hungered and ventured into the real estate development sphere.

With the experience of both managing and transporting shipping containers to understanding the fundamentals of real estate development, Monique brings a unique perspective that found Developods.


 Chris Carillo- Chief Operations Officer

Chris Carrillo is an active real estate investor who built a multi-million dollar portfolio before the age of 30. He has taught over 600 seminars for real estate investing. He is an expert at raising capital and has worked with independent owners of the apartment association, as well as starting his own real estate investment consulting firm. 

As a real estate professional who has done over 100+ single family residential projects it was only natural for Chris to start the next chapter in development. One of his first projects is a multi-million dollar 20 unit townhouse complex near the prestigious Pearl Brewery development in San Antonio.


Alibek Tupushev- Senior Project Manager

Alibek Tupushev has extensive and core experience related with project management in the sphere of oil & gas, infrastructure and industrial construction. Al has a PHD in economics, is a certified project manager with the International Project Management Association, and has advised companies such as Shell, Hyundai, Samsung engineering and Daewoo engineering.

Al was previously a financial controller at KPO, joint venture of ChevronTexaco, managed assets of 400 MM, and has grown companies capitalization to nearly a billion dollars in revenue. His experience includes investments, acquisitions, risk management, and technical and financial analysis in energy and construction.


Anya Bartay-  Project Design Manager

Anya Bartay has experience in shipping container home design, green solutions, prefabrication and permitting processes. Her efforts with affordable housing includes conceptualization, design, and being able to completely utilize the version of the home.

Anya is knowledgeable on interior and exterior composition, mechanical systems, and site preparation on container homes. She works closely with you to plan an overall design and floor plan, as well as get the approval process done through city permitting

Marilu Washington- Financing Specialist

Marilu Washington is currently the auditor for USAA, is a mortgage loan originator with 20+ years of experience working closely with HUD for quality control and loan approval. 

As a Loan Coordinator she evaluates, authorizes, or recommends approval on shipping container homes, commercial real estate loans for development models, or with credit loans. Marilu advises borrowers on their financial status and payment methods. She works closely with you until approval, and can work you through collections.