About Us

About Us

Developods is a shipping container prefabrication manufacturer that strives to offer convenient, effective and accessable housing solutions that are enviornmentally friendly, yet more affordable than traditional methods.

Developods offers investors the ability to maximize their profits, developers to reduce build time and cut costs and owners the ability to add square feet to a home or to design a cutting edge container home.

Developods is created to impact the world. We start one pod at a time, one development at a time, and eventually we are changing communities and creating impact.

Developods is an affordable housing solution that is stronger, safer, transportable and customizable. Developods are 40% faster to build than traditional housing and cost 30% less on average.


The vision at Developods is to create community impact one pod at a time. Through individual benefit and by replicating the Developod blueprint community by community, and eventually on a global scale. Developods revolutionizes real estate by providing a practical unprecedented real estate solution.

Developods is the solution we all wanted but has not been introduced to the market on a scale that is this tangible. Developods provides a structurally sound, transportable, adaptable, convertible, eco-friendly product that is accessible, readily available, aesthetically pleasing and yet more affordable than a traditional home. 

From premium communities to the ideal plan for affordable living, we believe at Developods that everyone will have the chance to own a home in the most beneficial way so that no man is left behind. Through challenges miracles are born. Developods are the real estate miracle.

The vision at Developods is to birth a new era of real estate- one that is of miracles. We plan to take our Developods and re-shape the development industry by creating communities for special and diverse groups of people who understand the beauty a shipping container home provides.

We strive to provide a hands-free experience that puts you in control and makes you the artist of your own home. We provide an experience you can rely on and recommend to others.

From the student, to the retirees to the green-lover to those who aspire into living a minimalistic lifestyle, the mission of Developods is to create community impact throughout the world.