Our Story



Developods is Redefining the American Dream through adaptable development and innovative housing solutions that are more affordable, yet beautiful and modern. 

We do this though our sizing and pricing mechanisms, inspection and labor time reduction in combination with our patent pending ADU reporting. Our process gives home owners options to offset their expenses through Accessory Dwelling Units. 

We don't want to be viewed as "affordable housing," we want people to look at their Developod home and think "WOW, I can afford this?!"

We are making modern design and styles of housing available in combination of sizing options to fit every budget. Our sizes start from 160 square feet and up. We can build on wheels for transportable units but generally we build on foundations.


We started when we were doing a flip in East Austin and found that we were being spread too thin and unless we added extra square feet we would lose money on our rehab.

Instead of looking at it as a loss we looked at what we could do. That's when we started our line of shipping container tiny home projects. We found multiple benefits using containers.

Due to the fact that container housing is an affordable option, we decided to see how we could help the homeless community.  We began research at the Community First Village. As two-year alumni for CFV, we found that the amount of people on the cusp of going homeless due to rent in-affordability in Austin was 20x greater than the amount of people who are currently homeless- and 20% of them are children!

Immediately, we began to research how Developods could fit best within affordable housing and the trendy Austin market. We serve the future generation of homelessness while also serving the missing middle. Our units appeal to millennials, seniors, vacationers, investors, home owners and developers. 

Housing should not feel like a punishment. Housing should be something anyone can attain. Housing should have options.

During our research and development of our products we became winners of the mayor's initiative through the Impact Hub Affordable Housing Accelerator. With Impact Hub, Developods was selected as a solution for the city which would eventually be spread and be accessible across the nation.  

Through the program Developods received support from Mayor Steve Adler, City Council, the Housing Authority of Austin, and the Austin Housing Finance Corporation.

In collaboration with our sponsors Google, Chase, The Board of Realtors, University Federal Credit Union, Buildfax and Noble Capital, we were able to accelerate our growth and work with multiple entities to improve our systems and products.

In our new product line we offer both modular designs and a line of container designs. We expanded our width of 8.5 feet to 10 feet as a much more spacious and effective build. 

Our units which are built in our factory are built to IBC (International Building Code) which allows us to build anywhere a home can be built. A municipality can not legally differentiate our product from the house next door. 

We can even build to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards so our units can be shipped over seas like containers.