The mission at Developods is to solve the affordable housing crisis and homelessness crisis in Austin, and eventually around the nation and world. We want to rebuild cities by providing building solutions that are affordable for those who make less than 30% MFI. 

Eventually, our mission will be building self-sustainable and eco-friendly communities in third world countries to revive or build their economies. This will be achieved through the collaboration of the private and public sector.

We had the opportunity to train at Community First Village for a week and to work with Alan Graham. Here is our proposal to be an additional outsource for the community to the percentage of homeless who want more than permanent housing:

1st Stage:Education & Opportunity After Transitional Housing Placement

After being placed in temporary housing of 160- 320 square feet units, we will provide an alternative resource that allows residents to grow through optional and voluntary self-help and financial education. 

2nd Stage: Progress to Permanent Housing After Improvement

Once they have progressed and have shown improvement in their lives through the financial program and generated more income, we will then allow them to move through a second phase of growth into larger container homes of 640 square feet. 

3rd Stage: Prepare to Purchase Land And Transport Home To Final Homestead

These container homes are transportable. The third and final stage of growth is teaching how to purchase a piece of land and then transporting their Developod home to that land and to integrate back as regular citizen in the community.  

The land at the village is than recycled and made available for new occupants. 



Here is a video on the Village at Community First. You can see that solving the homelessness crisis is more than just giving a home though. It is giving hope for a new life. We plan to help continue that vision and work with Community First in this Initiative so we can take this into other cities in the world. 


At Developods, we believe all people should have a home. A home is 8 major components:

1. A place of permanence- A place of lasting quality.

2. A dwelling- A physical space to reside.

3. Embodied- Encompasses who you are- an expression of yourself.

4. Hospitable- Friendly and welcoming to guests or strangers. A place of pleasant living.

5. Safety & Refuge- Provides shelter from any danger.

6. Stories & Memories- They say when the home isn't the best physical state it's the memories and stories that are remembered.

7. Orientation - Where you always return, like a compass.

8. Affiliation & Belonging - A place you belong and can call home.